May 18, 2013

Our first book is an erotically-charged, urban fantasy adventure. Raven McKnight knows the truth about demons: they’re very real, and the only way to handle them is to run in the other direction. Unfortunately for Raven, running is no longer possible. As one of the few humans who can spot the demonically possessed, Raven realizes that one of her friends is being stalked, and she cannot, in good conscience, turn away. But what’s a college co-ed to do? When she discovers that she can somehow fight back, at least better than anyone else, things start to get real wild for Raven and her friends. Especially when an encounter with an angel makes things worse rather than better and Raven falls fifteen-stories-hard for the devilishly handsome Jack Brinksman, who’s just as much hottie as he is authentically demon-possessed. Available now onĀ Amazon!